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1800 4 GLOBES Pty Limited has been operating in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD) since 2008.

A wealth of experience and knowledge of commercial lighting requirements and electrical and data work now exists within the company and a perceived need for fast, efficient and cost-effective lighting maintenance is the basis for the establishment of 1800 4 GLOBES Pty Limited."

1800 4 GLOBES Pty Limited have developed a number of lighting maintenance programs tailored to suit a wide variety of business types, size and structure.

It is our policy that we keep a photographic record of all lamps at a site on file, so that we always arrive on site with the exact lamps/parts to complete the works.

A sales executive will attend your site and recommend a light maintenance solution that best meets your requirements.

In addition we carry out electrical and data work, detailed and comprehensive RCD testing and all emergency lighting testing, maintenance and installation.

We have lighting maintenance agreements with many CBD companies who know that because we are city based we can be there for them every time.

1800 4 GLOBES Pty Limited can offer a number of energy efficient and environmentally friendly options for consideration.

We are constantly in search of new improved ways to provide our clients with cost savings and environmentally conscious options for their site.

We undertake technology that recycles used fluorescent and other lamps. This ground-breaking advancement will reduce land fill, and absorb all noxious gases including mercury, phosphorous etc. All components of the old lamps (ie glass and aluminium) can then be recycled."